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Reasons why you should buy Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling Silver is hypoallergenic.

Sterling Silver is the least expensive of the precious metals.

Sterling Silver is durable and low maintenance.

Sterling Silver never goes out of style.

For jewellery wearers and jewellery makers alike—sterling silver is an amazing option for many reasons.


.925 sterling silver, sometimes just called sterling silver, is 92.5% silver.

So, what is that other 7.5%? Why isn't it solid silver, wouldn’t that be better?

Technically, “solid” silver IS .925 sterling silver. If it was actually 100% silver, it wouldn't be strong enough to make into jewelry. It would be too soft.

The other 7.5% is an amalgam of other metals to strength the silver.

The added metals in sterling silver make it an incredibly durable material — it's even stronger than gold.

In addition to its light weight, this quality makes it an ideal choice for jewellery that will be worn daily or often.

If you prefer gold, that's great but gold is an expensive option.

So, in terms of affordability and long-lasting, sterling silver is your best friend.

For rings especially, since they often receive the most wear-and-tear.

So, when it comes to a ring you're going to wear everyday (and maybe not feel like taking off every time you wash your hands) if it's sterling silver, it's going to hold through with you so long as you take care of it. 

.925 sterling silver, or just .925, is often stamped onto work that is sterling silver.

If you can’t find it, you can ask whoever made it if it was sterling silver.

Ultimately, when purchasing jewellery, jewelers will want you to know that you’re buying sterling silver and will mention it in the description or on the packaging.

At the end of the day, the most important question is do you or someone else want to wear the piece because they enjoy it?

Why Sterling Silver: Text

Sterling Silver holds its value.

Sterling Silver is durable and low maintenance.

Sterling Silver never goes out of style.

Why Sterling Silver: Text
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